Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group

“Seize the Citadel” – Simulating battlefield communications via Discord

I am planning to run a game in November’s session, and would like to trail my game design thoughts. My game aim is to see if I can design a game for the online environment. My previous online game at CLWG was After the Battle of Towton  which was a shoehorning of a real world […]

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War in Our Time [preview]

This is a session on a wild idea I had a while ago about a potential long-running World War 2-themed Alternate History game. I’ll be running a design session at the CLWG Conference. Background The idea came from an article in one of the “What if?” books in which the author argued that it would […]

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Winter is Coming – offside from Bernie

Winter is Coming was a committee game run by Mukul at the September 2015 Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group (CLWG) meeting about the siege of Leningrad. Here is Bernie’s offside report. Winter is Coming by Mukul Patel This was Mukul’s committee game on the approaching horror that was about to befall Leningrad in the late summer […]

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