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Seize Warsaw: Onside Review – Nick Luft

Seize Warsaw was inspired by reading about a failed offensive of the 4th Panzer Division which attempted – on its own – to attack and take Warsaw. This event occurred during the collapse of part of the Polish Army, 6 and 7 September. The Panzer Division thought it could push into the gap formed by […]

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Getting There Sometime-ish With The Quite-a-lot-really-est

Or Where The Hell Is 3rd Div…? A Suggested Mechanism for Reflecting Line of March Efficiency. We’ve all presumably read loads of stuff about campaigns which develop into clashes/battles in which a key feature is the arrival of units off the line(s) of march. How well this is managed over the centuries seems as much […]

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Remember, Kill Chain

Onside Review by Nick Luft Game Aim My aim was to design a game about the command, control and communications aspect of modern warfare, integrating near-real-time surveillance and intelligence with a live boots-on-the-ground operation. As I pondered my design I realised that this game would be well suited to being played using a computer to […]

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