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Can you game serious subjects today?

Comment by Terry Martin I am talking about recreational gaming, not professional or academic gaming. Nor am I talking about the iniquities of the Netanyahu regime, the horror of the attacks on October 7, or the tragedy that has resulted in Gaza. That’s not a reason to feel depressed, it’s a reason to feel much […]

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Operation Bingo By Jim – Offside report by Terry Martin

I have always believed that the success of sessions can often be judged by how quickly time passes and in this game it was noticeable how nearly all the players’ first comments post game were along the lines of ‘where did the time go’. This was an online version of a traditional map based WW2 […]

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Who Will Win the Fight? – Offside report by Terry Martin

This was Deborah’s game about the surreal sounding but actual historical happening – the Emu Wars of 1932 in Australia. Just to set the scene, this was: “a nuisance wildlife management military operation undertaken in Australia over the later part of 1932 to address public concern over the number of emus said to be running […]

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Divided Land: a report on the game’s first outing in Sweden.

As a sort of pre-publicity for Divided Land next April (and as a quick fulfilment of my obligation to write at least one article for MilMud) I thought some of our members might be interested in my own view of what happened during the first playing of the megagame version, in Malmo earlier this year. […]

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