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Movies: Contemporary Period: 1992 AD – 2021AD

  Also see Movies: Contemporary Period: Global War on Terror (GWOT) 2001 – ongoing Bosnia and Herzegovina War (1992-83) No Man’s Land (2001) Bosnia and Herzegovina during at the time of the heaviest fighting between the two warring sides. Two soldiers from opposing sides in the conflict, Nino and Ciki, become trapped in no […]

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Movies: Contemporary Period 1954-1967

  Algerian War of Independence (1954-1962) L’ennemi intime (Intimate enemies) 2007) (Jaap Boender) A drama following a French platoon during Algeria’s war of independence.   The Congo Crisis (1961) The Siege of Jadotville (2016) (Jaap Boender) Congo. Irish Commandant Pat Quinlan leads a standoff with troops against French and Belgian Mercenaries.   Six-Day […]

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Movies: Contemporary Period: Vietnam War 1955-75 and First Indochina War 1946-54

  First Indochina War 1946-54 The Quiet American (2002) (Deborah Southwell) An old British reporter vies with a young U.S. doctor for the affections of a beautiful Vietnamese woman   Vietnam War 1955-75   Go tell the Spartans (1978) (Philip Middleton) During the early 1960s, U.S. military advisers in South Vietnam discover the […]

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Movies: Contemporary Period: Korean War (1950-1953)

  Battle for Incheon: Operation Chromite (2016) A team of spies is sent into Incheon to gain intelligence on North Korean positions ahead of the invasion by UN forces.   A Hill in Korea (1956) (Jon Casey) 1951 During the Korean War retreat in 1951, a small British recon group is surrounded by […]

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Movies: Contemporary Period: Cold War 1947-1991

  Strategic Air Command (1955) (Mukel Patel) An ex-pilot and current baseballer is recalled into the U.S. Air Force and assumes an increasingly important role in Cold War deterrence.   Fail Safe (1964) (Peter Merritt) A technical malfunction sends American planes to Moscow to deliver a nuclear attack. Can all-out war be averted? […]

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At the Movies: Get the popcorn ready!

After an exchange of good war movies to view at a recent Virtual CLWG meeting, I offered to curate a list for Milmud. I had in mind pulling together war movies that would be plausible enough for members who may not have a strong background in a particular era to gain some context for creating […]

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