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God’s sake Nelly, why didn’t you marry him? [preview]

We are coming over from the Netherlands for the CLWG Conference with at least 4 people and intend on filling one game design slot on the megagame “God’s sake Nelly, why didn’t you marry him?”.

This was an operational (double blind) megagame on the Seven Days’ battle in the early American Civil War. As you may know we staged this megagame in Braunfels last May. The reactions, judging from the returned questionnaires were good.

However, some of us felt that some players needed more to do during a turn. One game turn represented one morning, afternoon or night and took 20 minutes, although it became a bit more when the fighting was heavy.

On our site you can see the game’s introduction and photos taken from the umpire map. One of the game authors, Sicco Steenhuisen, will come with us with some game material and maps. He will do the presentation, we might look at some movement and fights, how they are judged and then discuss what we can do to give people some more work to do. We have several ideas and want to look to your opinions.

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