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Adlerangriff – Manual Real Time Game – onside by Jim Wallman

Adlerangriff was a design session for a manual real time Battle of Britain game run by Jim Wallman at the CLWG Conference in October 2016. Adlerangriff being the German name for the operation that we call the Battle of Britain. Onside Report of Adlerangriff by Jim Wallman Following one of ‘those conversations’ with Rob Cooper a […]

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Golden Chestnut 2016 – Did You Win?

Traditionally the editor of Milmud awards the Golden Chestnut to the CLWG member that has contributed the most to Milmud over the course of the year. The Golden Chestnut isn’t about volume so much as quality. That said, now that I can record readers, then I’m using the volume of readership as a measure of […]

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Travels along The Spanish Road – onside report

Ben Moores onside report on the latest playtest for his forthcoming Megagame The Spanish Road (16th July 2016) at the May CLWG meeting. (See previous reports on testing The Spanish Road articles). Along The Spanish Road This weekend Chestnut Lodge helped trial the Burgundian segment of the upcoming “The Spanish Road” a 16th century megagame. The Burgundian […]

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Call for Games from Jim

Call for games

Call for games Having failed to catch anyone for game offers (mainly by missing the pub sessions at the weekend), here is my call for games for July, September, October, November and December this year. There are slots and I *know* there are games just waiting to go. For the new members remember, games do […]

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The Last Emperors – offside report from Bruce

Sultan Mehmet II - the Last Emperors of Constantinople

The Last Emperors was run by John Bassett at the March 2016 CLWG meeting. The game is about the aftermath of the fall of Constantinople in 1453. The Last Emperors by John Bassett – offside report from Bruce Walton I arrived nearly an hour late for the CLWG March meeting, due to circumstances beyond my […]

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