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Wargaming with ‘present’ and ‘remote’ players by Brian Cameron

There are clearly good reasons to build on the ‘over-the-internet’ gaming that was around before the pandemic and which has grown enormously during the last 18 months.  Equally clearly there are problems about running games with a mix of players who are ‘present’ (a term I’ll use for those actually present in person at a […]

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Seize Warsaw – Offside thoughts by Mukul Patel

My role in this online game by Nick Luft, was as Chief of Staff to Deborah at 5th Panzer Brigade HQ. Communications. This game worked fine using Discord. The different channels worked fine or maybe fine. It took me a little while to get idea of the game, and it moved very fast, so I […]

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Game Critique: Urban Nightmare: State of Chaos

by Deborah Southwell As part of a course on game design, I was asked to critique a game. I thought it may be of interest to other Military Muddlers. Urban Nightmare: State of Chaos (Game designer: Jim Wallman) is a megagame exploring how government and city authorities in the USA might respond to an emerging […]

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Online Interactive Maps (Part 2) – by Nick Luft

This is a follow on from my previous piece about using an interactive map hosted by ConceptBoard. All the controls referred to here relate to features on ConceptBoard. I guess that these techniques will be easily recreated on other Interactive Whiteboards. Seize Warsaw – at Virtual COW 2021 I ran a slightly modified game of […]

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Online Interactive Maps (Part 1) – by Nick Luft

I have been thinking how to enable the players to have their own interactive map and counters. I was disappointed how I facilitated the players’ map in my recent game “Seize Warsaw“. I had provided the players with a map and counters via a Google Slides (PowerPoint). James Kemp copied this and maintained his version […]

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Seize Warsaw: Onside Review – Nick Luft

Seize Warsaw was inspired by reading about a failed offensive of the 4th Panzer Division which attempted – on its own – to attack and take Warsaw. This event occurred during the collapse of part of the Polish Army, 6 and 7 September. The Panzer Division thought it could push into the gap formed by […]

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