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CLWG March 2017 Meeting – What you missed

3rd Red Army boards the train at CLWG March 2017

Today was the CLWG March 2017 meeting, with 11 people attending and two game design sessions. The first session was a tryout of the Siberia section of Bernie Ganley’s Russian Civil War megagame. The second was Andrew Hadley and Bruce Walton’s  In the Hands of the Many megagame tryout. See below for some pictures and a […]

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Megagame 1866 And All That, And Some – Offside Report

This is an offside report by Becky Ladley about the Megagame 1866 And All That, which originally appeared on BeckyBecky Blogs. Megagame 1866 And All That, And Some For the second weekend in a row, I traveled down to the south to take part in a Megagame: 1866 And All That. This one couldn’t have […]

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1866 Megagame – offside report

This is James Kemp’s offside report from playing in the recent 1866 megagame. 1866 And All That was deisgned by Bernie Ganley and run by Megagame Makers, most of whom are CLWG members. As an interesting feature, the game was run twice simultaneously in the same venue. 1866 Megagame Yesterday I played in an 1866 megagame, […]

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Everyone Must Die – offside from Bernie

Everyone Must Die was a playtest for Becky’s forthcoming megagame set in the Game of Thrones universe. It followed on from her Big Chairs game in June. She ran Everyone Must Die at the Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group September 2015 meeting. Here is Bernie’s offside report. “Everyone Must Die” by Becky Ladley-Jones “Everyone Must Die” […]

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Winter is Coming – offside from Bernie

Winter is Coming was a committee game run by Mukul at the September 2015 Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group (CLWG) meeting about the siege of Leningrad. Here is Bernie’s offside report. Winter is Coming by Mukul Patel This was Mukul’s committee game on the approaching horror that was about to befall Leningrad in the late summer […]

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Not Over by Christmas – offside from Bernie

Not Over by Christmas ran at the September 2015 CLWG session. Rob Cooper tested the air war sub-game for his forthcoming megagame. The offside report below was written by Bernie Ganley. Not Over by Christmas – air war subgame from Rob Cooper Going toe to toe with the Rooskies! The air war between NATO and […]

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