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Anyone can write for Milmud. Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group members are required to write at least one article annually as a condition of membership. We also welcome relevant contributions from others.

English: Chestnut Lodge, 48 Palace Road Built ...

Chestnut Lodge, 48 Palace Road Built in 1905. Chestnut Lodge is a rare example in this area of a surviving and sizeable Arts and Craft-style house. Note the sweeping roof, gables and roughcast exterior. It is now used as a children’s nursery. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What to write for Milmud

The primary topic of Milmud, and CLWG, is face to face game design. We take a broad view of that, anything potentially relevant to making games, background for games, and how we do design is likely to be accepted.

If in doubt have a browse and see what has already been published. If that doesn’t help enough then please ask (see form below).

How to write for Milmud

There are three options for members to get material on the milmud blog.

1. If you are happy to you can have an account as a contributor, which allows you to draft the post yourself and it will be reviewed before it is published (so we can tidy up formatting, add links, tags and pictures).

2. For those CLWG members confident using WordPress you can have editor status, which will let you do everything you need to publish an article, without involvement by anyone else. You can also help out those with contributor settings.

3. You can contact us to put the material online for you. I’ll automatically create a contributor account for people so that the posts have the correct author attribution, but you don’t need to login and write your own if you don’t want to.

How To Login To MilMud – a PDF guide

How To Add A Comment To Mil Mud – a PDF guide