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Report from V E Wellington Koo of the Chinese delegation

Washington Conference, 6th November 2021 – The Centenary Edition Offside report by Andy Grainger A major topic of the 1921 / 2021 Washington Conference was China. In 1911 the Imperial Chinese Government had been overthrown and replaced by a Parliamentary regime but the country is still very unstable. It is in everyone’s interest to restore […]

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Washington Conference Centennial Megagame [Onside]

This is an onside report on the Washington Conference Centennial megagame by Dave Boundy. Washington Conference Centennial Megagame I always find reports on my own game are difficult. The trouble is that I am so intent, during the day, on answering questions, sorting out problems, watching the clock for turn announcements, checking that people are […]

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Game Critique: Urban Nightmare: State of Chaos

by Deborah Southwell As part of a course on game design, I was asked to critique a game. I thought it may be of interest to other Military Muddlers. Urban Nightmare: State of Chaos (Game designer: Jim Wallman) is a megagame exploring how government and city authorities in the USA might respond to an emerging […]

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God’s sake Nelly, why didn’t you marry him? [preview]

We are coming over from the Netherlands for the CLWG Conference with at least 4 people and intend on filling one game design slot on the megagame “God’s sake Nelly, why didn’t you marry him?”. This was an operational (double blind) megagame on the Seven Days’ battle in the early American Civil War. As you […]

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Divided Land: a report on the game’s first outing in Sweden.

As a sort of pre-publicity for Divided Land next April (and as a quick fulfilment of my obligation to write at least one article for MilMud) I thought some of our members might be interested in my own view of what happened during the first playing of the megagame version, in Malmo earlier this year. […]

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Megagame Design Debate – a new way of designing megagames

Onside Report on the Megagame Design session at CLWG on Sunday 6 August 2017 – By Tom Parry First, we would like to thank CLWG for inviting us to discuss megagame design. We had a very enlightening discussion, and we now have a much firmer grasp on the philosophy behind most megagame design. There is […]

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Cobre, Vacas y Cucarachas: Mexican Revolution 1913

Onside report by Jonathan Pickles This was a follow up to my game design session from October. The game revisits the many games I ran on the 1913 Mexican Revolution culminating in the megagame in 2004 The aim of this revision is to try to use far simpler mechanisms to deal with the operational side […]

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Russian Civil War – Offside by James Kemp

Russian Civil War We were trying out a stripped down and streamlined resource allocation system for Bernie’s forthcoming megagame. We had the Siberian end of the game. A long thin strip of railway from just West of the Urals all the way to the Pacific Coast. There were four factions represented, the Whites, Reds, Greens […]

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CLWG March 2017 Meeting – What you missed

3rd Red Army boards the train at CLWG March 2017

Today was the CLWG March 2017 meeting, with 11 people attending and two game design sessions. The first session was a tryout of the Siberia section of Bernie Ganley’s Russian Civil War megagame. The second was Andrew Hadley and Bruce Walton’s  In the Hands of the Many megagame tryout. See below for some pictures and a […]

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Revolutionary Warfare – Onside by James Kemp

Revolutionary Warfare in France 1789

Another post from the Archives, this is James Kemp’s onside report of Revolutionary Warfare from January 2003. It was written for milmud and archived on his website at Revolutionary Warfare – Onside Report by James Kemp When I played Andy Grainger’s A Month in Country I immediately thought of some of the parallels with my Revolutionary […]

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