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Terrorism as Tourism?

Just wondered how others might view this new offering on ‘experiences’:,OHSY,2EZT8J,2ZVF9,1

I suppose as someone long interested in mass slaughter (i.e. warfare) I am perhaps least morally able to comment, but it does seem a bit bloody bizarre! At least it comes with a ‘Family Package’…

What next, though – ‘The 9-11 Day Out – Fly a medium sized passenger jet simulation around/towards New York No need to bother to learn any landing procedures!’?

As for poor old Guido, I just recall seeing the following one time after presenting a condensed view at a company meeting:

I do, however, have a soft spot for the CLWG version run by Brian last century – as I played Sir Francis Walsingham it was damned hard work constructing so many different potential viable plots to get the incompetent shower of Catholic malcontent players to finally join one so they could be duly arrested, tried and executed (not necessarily in that order)……

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