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Movies: World War II 1939AD -1945AD (Part I)

  1939 Battle of the River Plate (2006) (Peter Merritt) On December 13th 1939, the first great naval battle of World War II took place off the coast of Uruguay. Known as the ‘Battle of the River Plate’, it set as rivals two great naval officers in a deadly psychological duel.   1940 The […]

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Battle of Britain – 1970 Style

Museum Review by Jim Wallman So, it being a bank holiday it was a good time to finally visit the Kent Battle of Britain Museum at Hawkinge.  I’ve been through Hawkinge many times and always wondered what it was like. Today I found out. Described as the worlds [sic] largest Battle of Britain collection.  I […]

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Adlerangriff – Manual Real Time Game – onside by Jim Wallman

Adlerangriff was a design session for a manual real time Battle of Britain game run by Jim Wallman at the CLWG Conference in October 2016. Adlerangriff being the German name for the operation that we call the Battle of Britain. Onside Report of Adlerangriff by Jim Wallman Following one of ‘those conversations’ with Rob Cooper a […]

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