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At the Movies: Get the popcorn ready!

After an exchange of good war movies to view at a recent Virtual CLWG meeting, I offered to curate a list for Milmud.

I had in mind pulling together war movies that would be plausible enough for members who may not have a strong background in a particular era to gain some context for creating and/or participating in games as well as providing new and old favourites for all members.

I will post my curated lists over the next few weeks.

All suggestions whether they made my cut or not are in the emails.

Westerns, superheroes, fantasy, and futuristic didn’t make my cut.

Some enjoyed a movie or TV series, others deplored them. I’ve tended to include them.

The lists are:

  • Classical Military History – up to 500AD
  • Middle Ages Military History 476AD – 1450AD
  • Early Modern Military History 1450AD – 1750AD
  • Revolutionary Period 1664AD- 1848AD
  • Age of Imperialism 1800AD –1914AD
  • World War I 1914 AD-1918 AD
  • Interwar Period 1918 AD – 1939 AD
  • World War II 1939AD -1945AD
  • Contemporary Period 1945 AD to present


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