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Women in War (Part 2)

World War I Vera Brittain Terry Martin alerted me to the World War I writings of Vera Brittain Terry tells me ‘Her WW1 writings are, I think, quite superb in both her writing and the sense of her own personal growing up as part of the ‘lost generation’. I thought I would also mention the […]

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Women in War (Part 1)

I was recently startled to hear someone say there were no effective women warriors. I thought they would at least have heard of Boudica of the Iceni, the widowed queen who became a rebel warrior leading 100,000 against the Romans in Britain so successfully that they nearly lost control of the province.So I have enjoyed […]

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Exploring female roles in wargames/ megagames/ roleplaying

CLWG Session for the Annual Design Conference 2020 Onside report by Deborah Southwell White middle-class women have come a long way. We still have a long way to go. In the last year, I have been at workshops where ‘ordinary’ young married white women have expressed their dislike of their body to the point of […]

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