Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group

Review of 2021

by Jim Wallman Our second year of pandemic saw quite a few attempts at replicating the CLWG experience using on-line tools and the relaxation of lockdown saw us experimenting with hybrid meetings – a non-trivial undertaking!  As in real life CLWG remained somewhat chaotic, though like 2020 the year gave us multiple opportunities to learn […]

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Rails to Freedom

A game inspired by getting home from the Washington Conference, by Andy Grainger Game Idea Provisional title Rails to Freedom from the Jean-Paul Sartre Novel A Two Player Game between A Megagamer and TFL (Transport for London) player. Or it could be played solo with the TFL cards being laid randomly. This game is inspired […]

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Report from V E Wellington Koo of the Chinese delegation

Washington Conference, 6th November 2021 – The Centenary Edition Offside report by Andy Grainger A major topic of the 1921 / 2021 Washington Conference was China. In 1911 the Imperial Chinese Government had been overthrown and replaced by a Parliamentary regime but the country is still very unstable. It is in everyone’s interest to restore […]

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Washington Conference Centennial Megagame [Onside]

This is an onside report on the Washington Conference Centennial megagame by Dave Boundy. Washington Conference Centennial Megagame I always find reports on my own game are difficult. The trouble is that I am so intent, during the day, on answering questions, sorting out problems, watching the clock for turn announcements, checking that people are […]

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Milmud Editor’s Report 2021 [Admin]

Golden Chestnut

This is the Milmud Editor’s Report 2021, unfortunately I wasn’t able to prepare it in time for the CLWG Business Meeting. Editor’s Report 2021 Personally I’ve not actually managed to attend more than one CLWG session, and the only report I’ve written is this one, which was late. However on a work front I’ve helped […]

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