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Can you game serious subjects today?

Comment by Terry Martin I am talking about recreational gaming, not professional or academic gaming. Nor am I talking about the iniquities of the Netanyahu regime, the horror of the attacks on October 7, or the tragedy that has resulted in Gaza. That’s not a reason to feel depressed, it’s a reason to feel much […]

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A Little Bit of Bread and No Cheese – Version 4

Yet another play test. Yet more disappointments. And yet still the lure of temptation; there is a good game here, a good idea. It’s just a poor execution. But let’s concentrate on the good points first. Event Cards The Event Cards were a new feature, and I think worked very well. I wrote them to […]

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A Little Bit of Bread and No Cheese, Onside Review by Nick Luft

Game Synopsis The game is intended to be a club-sized game for between 4 to 10 people. The game is about medieval farming, the struggle to survive, the conflict between the villagers, and the conflict between the villagers and the manorial Lord. I was inspired to design this game after being slightly dissatisfied by other […]

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A Little Bit of Bread and No Cheese

Synopsis This is a game that recreates the struggles of a medieval village to work together, to farm together, and to raise their families. It is a game about survival. Game Aims I wanted this game to achieve two things. The players had to have their own skin in the game. If they did not […]

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Medieval farming – A little bit of bread and no cheese

Medieval Dairy Maid Milking a Cow

This is an onside report by Nick Luft of his game about medieval farming, A little bit of bread and no cheese, that he attempted to run at the CLWG meeting in June 2015. A failed game I regard this game as a failed game. We didn’t play the first round. I tried to explain the […]

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