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“Seize the Citadel” – Simulating battlefield communications via Discord

I am planning to run a game in November’s session, and would like to trail my game design thoughts. My game aim is to see if I can design a game for the online environment. My previous online game at CLWG was After the Battle of Towton  which was a shoehorning of a real world […]

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After the Battle of Towton, 1461

Game Overview I wanted to run a committee game about the decisions taken by the Yorkist faction after they had won the Battle of Towton, 1461. This battle is regarded as one of the most decisive victories – and a bit of a surprise – of the Wars of the Roses. It is also regarded […]

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Adventures with Twine: Interactive computer games

I ran a session on using Twine to create interactive computer games after my game Hill 70 caused a little bit of a stir. Twine is a very simple to use editor that can be used to make either interactive fiction or interactive graphical adventure games. Twine uses web tools like HTML, & CSS, and a computer programming language […]

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Viperous Worm: Gaming popular opinion, 1450

Onside report by Nick Luft, from June 2016 Session I wanted to design a game that reflected how popular opinion was formed. The rival players would promote their cause and the neutral players would provide a commentary and analysis that would create the game’s popular opinion. The neutral players would have their own agendas and would be able […]

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The Last Emperors – offside report from Bruce

Sultan Mehmet II - the Last Emperors of Constantinople

The Last Emperors was run by John Bassett at the March 2016 CLWG meeting. The game is about the aftermath of the fall of Constantinople in 1453. The Last Emperors by John Bassett – offside report from Bruce Walton I arrived nearly an hour late for the CLWG March meeting, due to circumstances beyond my […]

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CLWG Business Meeting 2015

The CLWG business meeting was held in the Anerley Arms from 17:19 to 17:32 BST today. Possibly a record at 12 minutes. 10 CLWG members, including one of three officers were present. The meeting was chaired by James Kemp and the notes taken by Nick Luft (and subsequently typed up by James Kemp). CLWG Business Meeting 2015 Officers’ […]

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