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Operation Bingo By Jim – Offside report by Terry Martin

I have always believed that the success of sessions can often be judged by how quickly time passes and in this game it was noticeable how nearly all the players’ first comments post game were along the lines of ‘where did the time go’.

This was an online version of a traditional map based WW2 wargame and none the worse for that! The online version worked extremely well, especially the separate Discord channel for the divisional radio web. As was remarked after the game (by James I think) the game utilised the same three basic elements that we would have had in a hall – a map with counters, an order sheet, and a comms net. And they adapted really well to being used virtually, with Google Sheets, Conceptboard and Discord proving very successful.

I only found one element slightly clumsy and I think that was my fault rather than the game’s, which was the necessity of copying the divisional map onto our own unit map. But when I think about it even that was probably pretty realistic after a divisional planning session. Nothing else really to comment on except to note again that the time passed far too quickly. Definitely could be expanded to a campaign game, hint hint.

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