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Partir, c’est mourir un peu

(or how the French didn’t surrender after all, with a major twist at the end) The second game in what (spoilers?) now probably will be a series based on An report of this game can be found at A quick recap of what went before: the French cabinet meets on June 16, 1940, […]

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The Battle of Midtskogen, 1940

Onside Review by Nick Luft Recently I attended a “Boardgame Designers Masterclass” hosted by James Wallis. He said at the end of the session that if he wanted us to take away one lesson it was this: if and when you are inspired to design a game, make it immediately. Don’t fret about pretty counters […]

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Adlerangriff – Manual Real Time Game – onside by Jim Wallman

Adlerangriff was a design session for a manual real time Battle of Britain game run by Jim Wallman at the CLWG Conference in October 2016. Adlerangriff being the German name for the operation that we call the Battle of Britain. Onside Report of Adlerangriff by Jim Wallman Following one of ‘those conversations’ with Rob Cooper a […]

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