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Raiders of the Lost Temple of Do’om! by Brian Cameron

This is a pretty basic attempt at running a ‘hybrid’ game with some players present and some participating remotely.  In a bit of a turnaround from recent meetings, three will be present and only on remotely.  I’ll also be present so the challenge will be to ensure that Terry will be able to join in […]

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2019 CLWG Games Weekend – Brian Cameron [onside & offside]

2019 CLWG Games Weekend Offside reports (and an onside report) from Brian Cameron about the 2019 CLWG Games Weekend. Peking Duck [onside] This was a re-run of my game on the Siege of the Peking Legations during the Boxer uprising in 1900.  You may well have seen the old film, 55 Days at Peking.  In […]

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No married man, nor widow’s son [preview]

A game of the outbreak of the English Civil War The English Civil War has interested me since reading a Ladybird book at a very young age – this was obviously a balanced account of gallant cavaliers and villainous roundheads with puritans abolishing Christmas – talk about striking fear into young hearts! I suspect the […]

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