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The Quiet Battlefield: offside review by Nick Luft

Jim presented The Quiet Battlefield, via an online CLWG session. He was inspired to make this game after playing The Quiet Year a game we played at the December CLWG Hybrid session. The Quiet Year is not a wargame, or a boardgame. It is perhaps more of a role-playing game, though the players do not […]

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Operation Water Cooler – A structured narrative card game

Game Aim I want to use a card game to assist my teaching Unit 32: Networked Systems Security to a Year 13 class (18 – 20 year olds). Educational aims a) familiarise the students with the 7 step model of a cyber attack b) engage the students with relevant cyber terms, concepts and keywords Teams […]

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Each generation gets the games they deserve – Offside report by Nick Luft

Recently I went to the British Museum to see a small free exhibition – “Playing with Money.” It is about how money, coins and bank notes are used in boardgames and also how boardgames have broadly changed over the last two centuries. In the 19th Century boardgames were for children and their moral admonishment and […]

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