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Certeyne Ceducious Persones, 1469: Onside Review by Nick Luft

Game Aim A few years ago – 2019 – I ran a multiplayer game “Shameless, Impudent, and Indebted Lords” at the Holborn Group. It was based on the Robin Redesdale rebellion and Earl of Warwick’s treachery in May 1469.  I reckon that the game engaged and entertained the players at the time. There was a […]

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After the Battle of Towton, 1461

Game Overview I wanted to run a committee game about the decisions taken by the Yorkist faction after they had won the Battle of Towton, 1461. This battle is regarded as one of the most decisive victories – and a bit of a surprise – of the Wars of the Roses. It is also regarded […]

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Shameless, Impudent and Indebted Lords – 1450

My aim for this game is to produce a club game for between 10 and 15 players, based on the political, economic and eventual military conflict in mid 15th Century England. I am due to run this game for the Holborn Gaming group in June. I attend this gaming group fairly regularly. They are not […]

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Viperous Worm: Gaming popular opinion, 1450

Onside report by Nick Luft, from June 2016 Session I wanted to design a game that reflected how popular opinion was formed. The rival players would promote their cause and the neutral players would provide a commentary and analysis that would create the game’s popular opinion. The neutral players would have their own agendas and would be able […]

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