Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group


CLWG meets on the first Sunday of the month in Anerley Methodist Church hall. [how to get to Anerley]
Sessions can be a fully formed game you’ve designed, or something you’re working on and want to playtest, or a half-baked idea on the back of an envelope – of just a discussion about the really cool idea you’ve just had… Send in your session idea on the form at the bottom of the page:

Date / timeLocation / VenueWhat's HappeningWho's responsible
3rd FebruaryAnerley Methodist Church Hall"Barwick Green" Jim Wallman
3rd FebruaryAnerley Methodist Church Hall"My Tangiers Game"John Paul Rutherford
3rd MarchAnerley Methodist Church Hall"The Bastard Comes" post-1066 asymmetric warfareAndrew Hadley
3rd MarchAnerley Methodist Church Hall"Computer Assisted Wargaming"Spike Robinson
3rd MarchAnerley Methodist Church Hall"Peking Duck" - a siegeBrian Cameron
13th AprilAnerley Methodist Church HallGames Weekend - Day 1
13th AprilAnerley Methodist Church HallConstitution design for the Batavian RepublicJaap Boender
13th AprilAnerley Methodist Church HallIsland Fortress Part 1Andrew Hadley
14th AprilAnerley Methodist Church HallGames Weekend - Day 2
14th AprilAnerley Methodist Church Hall"Damage Control" - can you keep your warship afloat?Jim Wallman
14th AprilAnerley Methodist Church Hall"Hands of the Many" - Peloponnesian War internal political re-design.Andrew Hadley
5th MayAnerley Methodist Church HallNOTHING YET - Make us an offer!
2nd JuneAnerley Methodist Church HallNOTHING YET - Make us an offer!
7th JulyAnerley Methodist Church HallNOTHING YET - Make us an offer!
4th AugustAnerley Methodist Church HallNOTHING YET - Make us an offer!
1st SeptemberAnerley Methodist Church HallNOTHING YET - Make us an offer!
5-6 OctoberAnerley Methodist Church HallCLWG Conference 2019

Vapour Trails

These are sessions offered by people that are not yet confirmed or allocated to a specific meeting. They're here so that we don't forget about them. Contact the games organiser (currently Jim) if you want to offer a session or put one of yours into the programme.
Session NameTypeBrief DescriptionWho from
The Siege of Delhi 1857Tryouta multi-player effort focusing on the problems of assaulting a rambling, medieval city against unknown opposition and without a map.... Real incidents based on one of the turning points of the Indian Mutiny, players may choose from a variety of personal objectives including 'glory' and 'cash'!Peter Merrit
Springtime For Hitler IIITryoutA 'multi-player solo' game of a reinforced German tank division during the breakout from Sedan. Need to ' git thar furthest with the mostest' creating critical morale & political crises for the Allies whilst handling variable opposition from the French, British, and of course OKW... 🙂 If people enjoy it, next spring may also do the July 1941 version with two divisional groups (not in competition at all) driving across western Russia, heading for Smolensk.....Peter Merrit
Infantry Doctrine 1650-1750Design SessionI'd like to talk about how to take ideas in infantry doctrine and how they develop to feed into a fast campaign system that could work at megagame speed with the idea of fighting several wars with the system and seeing how the doctrine develops (but not necessarily as a megagame). See my review of Formidable and Destructive for some ideas.James Kemp

Want to Offer a session?

Please fill in the details below and it will let the Games Organiser know. They’ll let you know when you’ve been put in the calendar and you can update them if you need to add more details or change anything.