Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group


CLWG meets on the first Sunday of the month in Anerley Methodist Church hall. [how to get to Anerley]

Sessions can be a fully formed game you’ve designed, or something you’re working on and want to playtest, or a half-baked idea on the back of an envelope – of just a discussion about the really cool idea you’ve just had… Send in your session idea on the form at the bottom of the page.

Future Meetings

To see what sessions will be held at future CLWG meetings please see the

CLWG Future Meetings Programme

This is a viewable and editable Google Sheet with all the future sessions, including links to resources for each session and sign up sheets.

Want to Offer a session?

Please fill in the details below and it will let the Games Organiser know. They’ll let you know when you’ve been put in the calendar and you can update them if you need to add more details or change anything.