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Logistics and Strategy win the Nine Years War [preview]

In September I’d like to run a design session on mechanisms that lead to players making decisions on logistics and strategy. The more I read on the ‘Glorious Revolution‘ and the military aftermath, the more I realise that what lead to victory wasn’t the weapons or the tactics. It was logistics and strategy that determined […]

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No married man, nor widow’s son [preview]

A game of the outbreak of the English Civil War The English Civil War has interested me since reading a Ladybird book at a very young age – this was obviously a balanced account of gallant cavaliers and villainous roundheads with puritans abolishing Christmas – talk about striking fear into young hearts! I suspect the […]

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Quality v Quantity – onside report 

I ran a tryout of a set of rules that attempted to address the noticeable quality differences between some armies in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Design Intent What I was after was a set of rules that could be used in a mini campaign that had a reasonable speed of resolution but […]

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