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Milmud Editor’s Report 2019 [admin]

Golden Chestnut

This is the Milmud Editor’s Report 2019 for the CLWG Business Meeting. I can’t be sure that I’ll be able to attend the meeting, but I’ll be with you in spirit if not. Editor’s Report 2019 Restructuring Milmud as CLWG’s website As directed at the previous business meeting the website has been collapsed into the […]

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Golden Chestnut 2016 – Did You Win?

Traditionally the editor of Milmud awards the Golden Chestnut to the CLWG member that has contributed the most to Milmud over the course of the year. The Golden Chestnut isn’t about volume so much as quality. That said, now that I can record readers, then I’m using the volume of readership as a measure of […]

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