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Call for Games from Jim

Call for games

Call for games Call for games

Having failed to catch anyone for game offers (mainly by missing the pub sessions at the weekend), here is my call for games for July, September, October, November and December this year. There are slots and I *know* there are games just waiting to go.

For the new members remember, games do NOT have to be polished, complete or even work properly – in fact we prefer it when they are unpolished and half-baked – trying out ideas is the whole point of this group. Priority will be given to anyone who has not yet put on a game this year.

Respond to the Call for Games

If you have a session you want to run at Chestnut Lodge then please let Jim know. Use the contact form below to tell Jim what sort of session you would like to run and when you would like to run it. Also give it a title and write a paragraph or so to help entice people to come along and participate.

NB CLWG members are expected to run at least one session every year as a condition of membership.


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