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Return of Captain Omen & The Terror From the Deep

Old stuff dredged up from the depths of time by Jim Wallman I rediscovered these notes about a deep sea diver LARP-like adventure from some time in the later 1980s.  I wonder if such a thing would be even possible these days?  😉 CAPTAIN OMEN AND THE TERROR OF THE DEEP Aim The purpose of […]

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Viperous Worm: Gaming popular opinion, 1450

Onside report by Nick Luft, from June 2016 Session I wanted to design a game that reflected how popular opinion was formed. The rival players would promote their cause and the neutral players would provide a commentary and analysis that would create the game’s popular opinion. The neutral players would have their own agendas and would be able […]

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Virgin Sacrifice – preview of the rules

  Just finished the rules for ‘Virgin Sacrifice’ a quick card-based little game, just for fun. First test will be today at the meeting, and we’ll see how it goes. For those not able to get there and experience the full wonder – here are the Version 1 rules: Virgin Sacrifice

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Little Navies

Little Navies – onside report of Game at CLWG Conference This is an onside report from the Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group annual conference in October 2014. We gave Jim’s set of the ‘little garden wars’ rules a good try out as the basis for a naval game. For the uninitiated, this is a development of a […]

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