Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group

Gaming Cyber Warfare

This is an Offside Report by Nick Luft of a discussion on gaming cyber warfare lead by Jim Wallman at the CLWG Conference in October 2014 Gaming Cyber Warfare I was particularly interested in this session as I had run a discussion session and short game test at the Games Weekend in April 2013. I did not […]

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Come to a King – 1014

This is an offside report by Mukul Patel on Andrew Haddley’s Come to a King – 1014 session run at the Chestnut Lodge Games Weekend in April 2015. Come to a King – 1014 Dave Cox won the sweepstake on when Andrew would arrive 1.45pm well done Dave. This was another bit of a try out […]

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Big Chairs Game by Becky

This is an offside report of a session at the Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group (CLWG) Games Weekend in April 2015. Offside Report – Big Chairs Becky wants to design a Megagame. Inspired by the events prior to Game of Big Chairs! The setting is small island continent with a few kings or “houses” all under […]

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