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Cobre, Vacas y Cucarachas: Mexican Revolution 1913

Onside report by Jonathan Pickles This was a follow up to my game design session from October. The game revisits the many games I ran on the 1913 Mexican Revolution culminating in the megagame in 2004 The aim of this revision is to try to use far simpler mechanisms to deal with the operational side […]

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“Copper and Cows” by Pickles

Offside review by Nick Luft I have played earlier versions of this game. I was a table umpire in the original megagame, “Wind that Swept Mexico” (2004), and recently I took part in a play-test, at the 2016 CLWG Conference. Pickles’ newest offering, at the Games Weekend, April 2017, was an improvement on the first megagame […]

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