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Rehearsal For Armageddon [preview]

Map of the Balkans in 1912

In case anyone was actually planning to come to my session of a try-out Balkan Wars operational system, I have produced some notes which you might like to read beforehand (attached). They are also useful when shredded as Hamster-bedding…

I can’t promise that I won’t change my mind and ‘tweak’ things a bit more before the day, so don’t feel too worried about printing and bringing these along; I’ll have plenty of copies. They will at least give the essence of what I’m aiming at, in the context of the ‘three-legged’ megagame design (peace conference, national/team game and operations).
The key focus is not to move piles of tottering counters across a single giant hex-map, but instead to operate on several abstract ‘Province’ maps to generate those exchanges of territorial control cards which reflect the ‘political reality’ on the ground, thus feeding directly into the Peace Conference/Negotiations stream. At least, in theory…..
I have actually run a few tries solo, so don’t worry if you see me on my own in a corner cursing the dice and various Turks, Serbs, Bulgars, Greeks and of course Montenegrans. Still, in my view any game with Austria-Hungary involved is bound to be a fun-filled disaster, so……… 🙂

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