Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group

Conference 2018

The first weekend of October is the CLWG Conference. The focus for the conference is game design, whether pitching an idea to see if it has legs and can be developed into something playable, or testing something that has been worked on for a bit. What is discouraged are fully fledged games, they have their place in the April Games Weekend.

Another feature of the CLWG Conference is the Annual Business Meeting. CLWG prides itself on being a group of activists, and we try to minimise time spent on the ABM. The current record for the meeting is 23 minutes. It is also mandatory to get the phrase ‘economics of the madhouse’ into the debate on how much the membership fees are.

Conference Programme

DayTime (approx)Session NameBrief DescriptionWho from
Sat 6th Oct1200-1430A Napoleonic 'Divisional Management' gameA Napoleonic 'Divisional Management' game (with 28mm figures!) focusing on cmdr options, timescales (2x players fine, although could support several 'goes' at the same scenario). Illustrates cross-over systems for table stuff taken from boardgames.Peter Merrit
Sat 6th Oct1200-1430A Little Bit of Bread and No Cheese - Card Game
Version 4
A much cut down version of the game, for between 4 to 8 players. Each player represents a family and their struggle - both agrarian and social - survive and thrive in a medieval village, EnglandNick Luft
Sat 6th Oct1200-1430Session 3nothing yetno-one
Sat 6th Oct1430-1700Quis Custodiet Ipsos?So called super heroes are running rampant destroying cities under the pretence of protecting them. The government has stepped in to figure out how to pay for this and generally regulate them. This game represent the discussions between various super powered individuals, government agencies and politicians to address how to control these dangerous individuals. Pickles
Sat 6th Oct1430-1700No married man, nor widow's son [preview]
English Civil Wars
My interest in the start of the English Civil Wars continues and I'm currently working on a game on the subject and this seems an ideal opportunity to progress it. It may be easier to run only one side rather than both but up to 6 participants.Brian Cameron
Sat 6th Oct1430-1700"God's sake Nelly, why didn't you marry him?"This was an operational megagame on the Seven Days' battle in the early American Civil War staged in Braunfels last May. We might look at some movement and fights, how they are judged and then discuss what we can do to give people some more work to do. (see the preview)Marc Seutter & Sicco Steenhuisen
Sat 6th Oct1700-1730Annual Business MeetingOfficers reports, elections, setting membership fees. Nick Luft
Sun 7th Oct1200-1430Rehearsal for Armageddon - Balkan Wars operational systemThis time I really think I've solved the integration of the other two sub-games (national teams and peace conference). If this works, as I think it should, then god help me but BW is back on the 'candidates' list of megagames for next autumn....Peter Merrit
Sun 7th Oct1200-1430'Back in the Fold'Petersberg agreement. This is a committee game (4/5 players) about the return of sovereignty to the Federal Republic of Germany in 1949. Player roles: German chancellor, UK High Commissioner, US High Commissioner, French High Commissioner and possibly the German opposition.Jaap Boender
Sun 7th Oct1200-1430Super Soldiers & Killer RobotsDiscussion session on how to represent emerging technologies in a wargame set in the present day, using a recent exercise as a baseline. Interesting how expediency evolves into tactics and then into doctrine.Jim Wallman
Sun 7th Oct1430-1700Hands of the Many debriefLessons Learned and Next Steps for Hands of the Many megagame run 15th SeptemberAndrew Hadley
Sun 7th Oct1430-1700WW2 Game ideadesign session about the large-scale alternative WW2 game idea I floated on the Facebook group a few months agoJaap Boender
Sun 7th Oct1430-1700Interactive Fiction and GamesA design session. Following on from my work on Hill 70, using Twine and SugarCube, I am now contemplating further games. I would like to discuss with others their ideas for this format. If there is interest I could run a short tutorial on using Twine. Nick Luft