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CLWG Conference 2015 – Day 1

There were 14 people at the CLWG Conference today and we managed to run four sessions.

1689 Highland Battles

20151003_163429A test of the economic and military bits of the Scottish part of the 1689 megagame planned for late 2017. Run by James.

Academics Design

A design session from Jaap, about academic politics, run in parallel with the Highland Battles.


A fully fledged game from Jim about the trade triangle and a little bit of piracy on the side. Run after the academic design session in parallel with the end of the Highland battles.

Spanish Road – France

As advertised earlier this week Ben ran a tryout of the mechanisms so far for the Spanish Road megagame in 2016. Everyone played in this. We also had a very lively discussion in the pub after the business meeting.

CLWG Conference Day 2

Back for more tomorrow in Day 2 of the 2015 CLWG Conference, if you can make it. Starting at 12 noon in Anerley. Still to come are games from Jon Pickles, Jaap Boender and possibly others.

As always members are asked to send their onside and offside reviews from the CLWG Conference and any other sessions to milmud for publication.


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