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CLWG Business Meeting 2015

The CLWG business meeting was held in the Anerley Arms from 17:19 to 17:32 BST today. Possibly a record at 12 minutes. 10 CLWG members, including one of three officers were present. The meeting was chaired by James Kemp and the notes taken by Nick Luft (and subsequently typed up by James Kemp).

CLWG Business Meeting 2015

Officers’ Reports

Reports were pending from the Games Organiser and the Treasurer.  The milmud editor reported that it had been converted into a blog and that only 15 articles had been offered of late. All members were reminded of their obligation to write for milmud.


The following officers were unanimously elected.

Games Organiser – Jim Wallman
Events Organiser – Jim Wallman
Treasurer / Admin Officer – Nick Luft (Changed post meeting after John Seaton resigned)
Milmud editor – James Kemp

Membership Fees

After a short discussion it was decided that a sensible level of fees to cover costs was needed to avoid the economics of the madhouse. Fees were agreed as £30 for members, with a lower fee of £10 for overseas members.

Any Other Business

No member had any other business to raise so the 2015 CLWG business meeting was declared closed after 12 minutes.


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