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A Space Dog-Creature Absorbed My Homework…

Just wondered what everyone was working on?

For myself, with all my books and kit (still) in a container somewhere in Kent (20 months and counting), I’ve only been working in my mind and a notepad on:
  • Toy soldier games/rules/ideas (various; 6mm ancients, 1496 Italy, steampunk; 15mm ACW grand ops (have some wonderful maps; always an inspiration); 28mm Indian Mutiny, 1745, 1889 SF etc)
  • Megagames I know I will never run but love the concept (ACW [several!]; Balkans 1912; Post-WW1 Germany, Eastern Europe; 1943/44/45 Eastern Front; Tunisia (Kasserine); Vendee & Italy 1796 and most recently an ‘X-Files’ setting (like ‘Watch The Skies’ but covert…) etc etc

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