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Big Chairs Game by Becky

This is an offside report of a session at the Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group (CLWG) Games Weekend in April 2015.

Offside Report – Big Chairs

English: The Dragon Throne of the Emperor of C...

English: The Dragon Throne of the Emperor of China inside the Forbidden City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Becky wants to design a Megagame. Inspired by the events prior to Game of Big Chairs! The setting is small island continent with a few kings or “houses” all under a single high king who is going mad, rapidly, my kinda guy. He lives in Palace at Kings First Footfall. The world is a fantasy medieval with a bit of magic.

Some challenge – my first thought.

Becky started by outlining some of the reasons for doing the game and some of the possibilities that can happen. She outlined a game structure of teams centred around the scattered kings/houses and ruled over by the High Mad King, the teams would have rivals within the houses and off course between houses. A few extra players might be needed such at the kings court at First Footfall like the bafuku?

The Mad King

The Mad King would be represented by “crazy cards” somewhat akin to the hitler directives of ww2 games. These cards would represent the mad wishes and desires of the Crazy king. The game is about how the various small kingdoms react to the crises thrown up by the wishes the Mad High King and perhaps other external events and their own petty and well founded rivalries. It would have a strong political and military and perhaps some religious elements. The various scattered small kingdoms are also very culturally diverse. Some respecting naked power, or honour glory piety and even wealth. The reputation of the houses with their underlings – bannermen might be tracked and so encourage teams in certain directions and methods of gaining their objectives.

It certainly seems Becky likes the subject, which is fundamental in designing a first megagame. I loved the idea of crazy cards which has a bit of Hitler’s henchmen about it. Also really liked the idea of of different cultures for the different houses. I wonder how much cross over there is with some of Andrew Hadley’s super-bloody AD1000ish games and how many ideas Becky might be able to borrow and adapt?

Next steps

Becky says she might be able to put on a committee game of the Kings Council at First Footfall the crazy Mad High King’s capital to show case more of her ideas – this sounded crazy good.

Thanks to Becky, (Becky is of course mentioned prominently in the song “Coward of the County” by K. Rogers when she gets hassled or much worse by the Gatlin Brothers.)


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