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School Of Danger : Preview

Jim Wallman On Sunday 2nd December 2018 I’m bringing a game I’m working on for youngsters loosely about the ancient greeks of the Pelonpennesian War period.  I had some ideas for representing hoplite combat using toy soldiers (though actually the toys don’t matter that much – but y’know, visual appeal and all that). The basic […]

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War in Our Time [preview]

This is a session on a wild idea I had a while ago about a potential long-running World War 2-themed Alternate History game. I’ll be running a design session at the CLWG Conference. Background The idea came from an article in one of the “What if?” books in which the author argued that it would […]

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CLWG Games Weekend 1995 – Sunday

Part 2 of yesterday’s report on the CLWG Games Weekend 1995. Originally published in the May 1995 edition of Milmud and archived on James Kemp’s Cold Steel blog. CLWG Games Weekend 1995 – Sunday Military Spin Sunday dawned a new day and I had done my homework on the Charge of the Light Brigade. The […]

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