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Conference (2018) Report #3 – TGFC – Too Good For Children?

The Art of Steal- Err, Adapting Classic Toys For Wargaming An occasional series on raiding the toy cupboard for wargming ideas (or future Christmas presents, if they’ve not got it already!) #1 – Snakes & Ladders as siege simulator Some considerable time ago now I was looking at the problem of a systemic game process […]

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Conference (2018) Onside Report #2 – Balkan Wars OpSys

Rehearsal For Armageddon – The Balkan Wars Further attempts at a megagame operational system (by Peter Merritt) The intention of this session was to present the latest in my series of attempts to get a fast-to-play, easily understood system which would form the ‘third leg’ of my design for a – possible – megagame of […]

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Logistics and Strategy win the Nine Years War [preview]

In September I’d like to run a design session on mechanisms that lead to players making decisions on logistics and strategy. The more I read on the ‘Glorious Revolution‘ and the military aftermath, the more I realise that what lead to victory wasn’t the weapons or the tactics. It was logistics and strategy that determined […]

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Each generation gets the games they deserve

Recently I went to the British Museum to see a small free exhibition – “Playing with Money.” It is about how money, coins and bank notes are used in boardgames and also how boardgames have broadly changed over the last two centuries. In the 19th Century boardgames were for children and their moral admonishment and […]

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CLWG March 2017 Meeting – What you missed

3rd Red Army boards the train at CLWG March 2017

Today was the CLWG March 2017 meeting, with 11 people attending and two game design sessions. The first session was a tryout of the Siberia section of Bernie Ganley’s Russian Civil War megagame. The second was Andrew Hadley and Bruce Walton’s  In the Hands of the Many megagame tryout. See below for some pictures and a […]

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