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Programme for CLWG June 2017 Meeting

The CLWG June 2017 meeting is scheduled for Sunday 4th June from 12 at Anerley Methodist Chuch Hall (SE20 8QA). If you want to run a session then please let Jim Wallman know. The programme so far for the June 2017 meeting of Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group is:

  • “At the Gates” – the sack of Gaul 407AD – Tom Hayllar
  • Paris Commune – Jaap Boender
  • A Bunch of Fivers – Rob Cooper
  • A hostage rescue, 1975 – Mukul
  • Teaching Game  – Matthew Ford

About the CLWG June 2017 Sessions

I don’t have blurbs for all of the games, here is what I know so far. If updates come in then I’ll update the page.

“At the Gates”

Tom Hayllar is running a design session about his proposed megagame about the sack of Gaul in 407AD. Vandals, Alans, Suebi, Burgundians, rebellious Romans and some Saxons if you’re lucky. ‘All Gaul was filled with the smoke of a single funeral pyre.’

Tom’s main focus is looking for ideas on how to run the game because it requires a lot of interaction at the map and he wants to avoid crowding the map and overworking control.

Paris Commune

Another outing for Jaap Boender looking at the Paris Commune in 1870.

Teaching Game

A design session for Matthew Ford (AKA @warmatters) with the following objectives/constraints

  • a simple game for 60 people. Taking no more than 1 hour
  • Class-room based. Has to be easy. Limited maps & counters. Umpire owns and defines rules which aren’t explained in advance.
  • exploring: decision-making in uncertainty, personality & team behaviours, alliance coordination, cause-effect relations

A Bunch of Fivers

A semi baked game design session on the latest Yemeni Civil War by Rob Cooper. Multi sided asymmetric warfare. Just need to find the map I drew again. Oh the Fivers is the name of the sect of Shiism represented by the Huthis in Yemen. The Iranians are Seveners. There won’t be a quiz!!

Hostage Rescue, 1975

Exactly what it says on the tin, from Mukul. Don’t bring cider.

A five player game based on real life events. Featuring Gerald Ford & Henry Kissinger.

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