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Come to a King – 1014

This is an offside report by Mukul Patel on Andrew Haddley’s Come to a King – 1014 session run at the Chestnut Lodge Games Weekend in April 2015.

Come to a King – 1014

Brian Boru, King of Munster

Brian Boru, King of Munster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dave Cox won the sweepstake on when Andrew would arrive 1.45pm well done Dave.

This was another bit of a try out for Andrew’s forthcoming megagame. I played in a few other of Andrew’s try outs and frankly all of them have been fun. Andrew had simplified things a little. The essential politicking, brutal hairy scary combat system was there, the land cards were slightly reimplemented but I don’t know quite how.

I did my now usual tactic of mildly ignoring the mechanics of the game and just played. Had great fun but we only played a couple of years. Brian Boru (Marc Seutter) stomped on rival (Becky) desecrated the sanctity of a church. I was a roving Viking and hassled the “Rebel BECKY” for his sister’s hand in marriage, which worked. Then I tried to make myself useful to Brian by helping ‘police’ him his rivals, whilst trying to wiggle myself my land.

In a previous try out in quite different role as a exiled bishop, I again ignored mechanics and I also just played. I just talked wrote and took my lead from the TOP CAT tv show – ‘mingle mingle mingle’. Huge fun.

Reckon there will still be mass deaths in Andrews game, maybe not Eastern Front scale but sill a LOT. Interested in how he and Players coped with this in the past, wonder how death is coped with in Becky’s BIG CHAIR game?

The names of the characters are quite difficult to pronounce and I found this quite a barrier, I wonder if it is possible to two spellings the original Irish or Viking and phonetic English? A bit rich from me, but if you don’t ask you will never get.

Basically I think these try outs are cracking little games. The most memorable was the very tough Wales game, boy that was explosive. I don’t think I have ever made the megagames but hope to this year, in November?

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