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Fog on the Somme (James Halstead): An Offside Report

This is Deborah Southwell’s offside report of ‘Fog on the Somme’ run by James Halstead at the CLWG Conference. Fog on the Somme – Offside (Deborah Southwell) Five phases were planned for the German Spring Offensive of 1918: Operation Michael (21 March – 6 April) Operation Georgette (9-29 April) Operation Blücher-Yorck (27 – 30 May) […]

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Movies: World War I 1914 AD-1918 AD

1914 Oh! What A Lovely War (1969) (Peter Merritt) The working-class Smiths change their initially sunny views on World War I after the three boys of the family witness the harsh reality of trench warfare.   All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) (Peter Merritt) A German youth eagerly enters World War I, […]

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At the Movies: Get the popcorn ready!

After an exchange of good war movies to view at a recent Virtual CLWG meeting, I offered to curate a list for Milmud. I had in mind pulling together war movies that would be plausible enough for members who may not have a strong background in a particular era to gain some context for creating […]

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